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4 Powerful Analytics Reports

At Blueprint, we understand that reports can be overwhelming. We also understand that you need the right reports to make smart decisions to drive your business forward. That’s why we provide our clients with four vital reports.

Before we jump into reports, it’s vital to understand that there are two key areas to drive internet marketing results. The first is traffic generation. The second is conversion. Traffic generation is how you drive visitors to your Website. Conversion is how you convert visitors into leads and sales. We have two reports that focus on traffic and two reports that focus on conversion.

SEO AnalyticsSEO Analytics

Report 1
SEO Analytics – Traffic Generation


One of the most important variables to look at is monthly traffic that you are getting by channel. We review what traffic you are getting organically, what traffic you are getting from referring domains, as well as the traffic you are getting through local SEO.


Although traffic is the most important metric, we understand that it’s important to see how your keywords are performing. That’s why we show you how all of your keywords are ranking, as well as how the ranking of each keyword has changed over time.


Although the quality of content on your Website is vital, the volume of backlinks and quality of your links is still important. It is for this reason that we provide backlink data in your SEO analytics report.


It is important to ensure that your site is well maintained, not only from a keyword perspective, but in terms of linking. It is for this reason that we analyze your links on a regular basis and provide broken link data on a monthly basis to ensure these problems are fixed quickly should they arise.

PPC AnalyticsPPC Analytics

Report 2
PPC Analytics

Your PPC numbers are analyzed on a weekly basis to maximize your efficiencies and lead volume. We analyze your cost per click, cost per lead, as well as the conversion of your leads into sales, so your marketing dollars are spent on the right channels.

We review your quality scores and add negative keywords on a monthly basis to ensure that you are only paying for efficient and relevant keywords. We review your ads and split test them to maximize your click through rate. All of this is done to ensure that you get the best return on your ad spend. We also review your landing page conversion rate and make adjustments to your landing pages to drive down your cost per lead.

Website AnalyticsWebsite Analytics

Report 3
Website Analytics

Your Website can be optimized to improve performance, but you have to know what to look for and why. At Blueprint, we review all of the following areas and provide an in-depth report to you:


At a high level, it’s vital to understand how many unique visitors visited your Website, the volume of page views, the bounce rate on pages, pages viewed per session, new versus returning visitors, and the average page loading speed.


It’s great that you are getting traffic, but it’s even more important to track the conversion of visitors intro leads or sales. That’s why we track goal completions (such as leads generated), your conversion rate, and more!


If you are driving traffic to your site through different channels, it’s vital to track which channels are driving results. That’s why we track traffic and conversions by channel, the source, as well as the device they are using.


For ecommerce, we track total transactions, revenue, average order value, purchases, quantity, and conversion rates.

Funnel AnalysisFunnel Analysis

Report 4
Funnel Analysis

Once you have generated a lead, it’s essential to analyze how your leads are converting into sales. There are six key areas that we report on when building a marketing campaign for clients.


The first area we review is the channel that the traffic and leads are coming from.


The second area we review is how prospects are being sold products and upsold into more product as they move through your campaign.


The third area we review is how new customers feel when they are sold your product or service, as well as what their experience is like.


The next area we analyze is how well customers are retained as a client.


The next area we analyze is how your business is making money and where there is room for improvement from a marketing perspective.


Lastly, we review how your clients refer you to other clients and how we can improve that process.

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