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Balancing Beautiful Design and Exceptional Results

At Blueprint, we believe that a sound marketing campaign should not only perform incredibly well from a numbers perspective, but that it should look just as good both online and offline. It is for this reason that we combine strong technical and marketing strategy expertise with innovative and beautiful design to make your marketing come to life.

We not only want you to be happy with the marketing results that we provide, but we want you to be proud of how your marketing looks and positions you in your market. Below you will find a list of creative marketing services that we provide.

Website Design

Website Design

We understand that the foundation of an online marketing campaign for a business is your corporate Website. It is for this reason that we take the time to understand your audience, as well as your brand strategy and positioning to ensure that your Website is completely aligned to your overall marketing strategy. We then design a Website that aligns properly to your brand, while providing compelling copy that gets results and search engine optimization (SEO) that gets you found – all in one package.

Landing Page

Landing Page, Squeeze Page and Micro Site Design

If you are running a pay per click (PPC) campaign to generate leads, you can quite often generate higher lead volume by driving prospects to a micro site or squeeze page. It is for this reason that we design and build custom squeeze pages and micro sites for our clients that they are proud of from both a results and creative perspective.

Offer Design

Offer Design

For lead generation campaigns, it’s critical to provide free offers to generate leads that provide immediate gratification. Examples include ebooks, white papers, coupons, recorded webinars, and even a video series. We take the time to understand your business, then design offers that seamlessly match the rest of your creative, including downloadable PDFs, printed materials, videos, webinars, and more.

Print Design

Print Design

When we started Blueprint several years ago, we exclusively provided digital marketing services to our clients. Since we focused on designing campaigns that look as good as they perform, we were asked to support clients on their offline marketing. As a result, today we provide our clients with seamless creative services, including the design of printed materials. This allows your marketing campaign to look seamless from the initial ad prospects see to the printed brochure or postcard they read in their hands.

Map Out Campaign

Completely Integrated Campaigns

The end result is that you get a completely integrated marketing campaign that you are proud of without having to work with multiple vendors.

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