The Complete Guide to Successful Upselling Campaigns

Existing customers are significantly easier to sell to. On average you are 60-70% likely to convince an existing customer to buy from you again versus a 5-20% likelihood of converting a new prospect. If your business is not using upselling email automation campaigns, you’re missing out on a massive chunk of revenue. Putting the right upsell offer in front of a customer at the right time is a powerful sales growth tactic and can drive an additional 10-30% of your revenue. Implementing upselling campaigns will greatly increase your average order value (AOV) and your business’s bottom line. Before we share some of our proven upselling methods, it is important to understand what exactly upselling entails. When you convince a customer to upgrade their purchase or choose a more expensive version of it, this is upselling. As an example, most people that have visited a fast-food restaurant have been asked, “Do you want to supersize that?” as an upsell offer. Below, we will share some of our best upselling tips we have developed as a digital marketing agency. Let’s dive into some proven strategies along with examples so that you can implement successful upselling campaigns for your business.

Build on the Initial Purchase

Like the supersize example, you want to build on the initial purchase and provide additional value for your customers. For optimal results, there are 6 essential components that should be included in your upsell email automation campaign.

#1 – Greet

Begin with a personalized greeting so that you are addressing your customer one-to-one. Personalized emails have been found to have a 2.5 times higher click-through rate and are almost 6 times more likely to drive a conversion.

#2 – Show

Display recently purchased items so that your customers can be reminded of the smart buying choices that they have already made with your business. Based on your customer’s purchase history you can also offer upsell suggestions that complement previous purchases.

#3 – Suggest

Offer suggestions for new products that build on items that they have previously purchased. As an example, if a client purchased an email automation training package from Blueprint in order to learn about email automation campaigns, we could offer an upsell on landing pages that maximize the conversion to sale.

#4 – Ask

Request that your customers update their profile preferences on the types of products and services that interest them. This way, you can continually refine and refresh your offers based on their interests and desires.

#5 – Simplify

Make sure that it is easy for customers to connect with your business to ask a question, express a concern or offer feedback. It helps build trust when customers feel like they have a two-way relationship with your business.

#6 – Share

Help make it easy for your customers to share your products and services on their personal networks. Include social sharing buttons so that you can drive more organic exposure to your products and services.

Choosing the Right Upsell

If you are not sure what your business can offer as eCommerce upsell opportunities, here are some examples that have shown to be quite effective.
  • Version upgrades
  • Product protection
  • Extended service or support period
However, always keep in mind that relevancy is the key when it comes to being successful in upselling. You need to be able to identify what the benefits of the upsell are and how it will add value to the customer. Using urgency in your upselling campaign can also help increase the value of the upsell if your upsell is only available for a certain time period or there are limited quantities available. If your customer hasn’t taken your upsell offer, you can offer it again and sweeten the deal by offering an additional discount on the upgraded product or service.

Use Social Proof

Many people want evidence from peers to convince them before they make a purchasing decision, which is why customer reviews are so important for businesses. Showing testimonials or reviews from previous customers that have found success in your product can help convince your customer to take your upsell offer. Social proof is a powerful factor for driving purchases. If you have these resources on hand, use them in your upselling campaigns to help make your offer more trustworthy.

Getting Started

Blueprint is fully certified in a range of platforms including certified in Pardot consulting and HubSpot. Blueprint understands the power of email automation and can put it to work for you. To learn more about how our successful upselling campaigns can grow your business, connect with us at