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The power of video

When a new lead is generated, it’s the right time to start developing your relationship with them. Videos are great relationship builders on your thank you pages, immediately after the initial opt in, in nurture content, or even in multi-video sequences.

Answer your prospect’s questions

At every step of the buyer’s journey, prospects are evaluating their relationship with you and your company, and their desire for what you’re selling versus the competition. They are asking specific questions and need good answers in order to feel comfortable as they move from information gathering to comparison shopping to purchase.

Connect with
your audience

Since the relationship is such an important part of the buying process, consider using video to connect with prospects and answer their questions. At Blueprint, we achieve this by outlining the emotional drivers of your target audience, then mapping out an email campaign to answer your prospect’s questions as they proceed through the buyer’s journey.

Video development process

Both video scripts and emails are written for your complete cold lead nurturing campaign, so you can see how the entire campaign flows from one step to the next. Then, videos are recorded and edited, including design and animation, if necessary. Next, landing pages are designed to house the videos and your complete email campaign is set up in your email platform, such as Pardot or Hubspot.

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