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A customer satisfaction survey allows you to learn what you can do better to satisfy the needs of your clients, create a more effective sales process, while elevating your brand image. This helps with both future sales results and maximizing the lifetime revenue per client through improved retention.

It all starts with your invitation

The email inviting customers to complete your survey plays a vital role in how many responses you get. The better your invitation, the better your results will be in terms of the number of people completing the survey.

What to include in your
survey invitation

Step 1 1

Start with a friendly salutation to personalize your message, such as “Hi Jane” or “Hey Rob.”

Step 2 2

Explain why your customer is receiving the invite and why they have been selected.

Step 3 3

Explain the purpose of the survey and how they will benefit.

Step 4 4

Provide an estimate of how long it will take, so they are prepared for the length of the survey.

Step 5 5

Allow survey recipients to contact you to ask questions by including contact info. This helps to establish credibility.

Step 6 6

Make the survey link easy to spot and easy to click.

Step 7 7

Thank your customers sincerely, since they are doing you a favour.

Step 8 8

Ensure the signature is a real person, so it feels authentic.

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