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Highest open rate delivers opportunity for you

Transactional emails – such as ecommerce receipts – consistently have the highest open rate of all commercial emails. In fact, approximately 70-80% of people open their email receipts. Let Blueprint show you how to take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to upsell and cross-sell to maximize your lifetime revenue per client.

Thank your customers

Customers are people, so thank them for their purchase! This demonstrates gratitude, and it provides a personalized element that helps to build your relationship.

Make it easy to share socially

Make it easy for clients to share their purchase and excitement with others by adding social sharing buttons to your receipts. It costs nothing, while you gain free exposure and organic growth.

Ask for feedback

Your customer’s buying experience is fresh in their mind – the perfect time to ask for feedback. Offer a discount or other small response incentive in exchange. You’ll get valuable learning about what paying customers like and dislike, and how you can improve, so they buy from you again.


Since so many customers view their receipt, this is a great opportunity to communicate promotions, such as a discount or bonus with their next purchase.

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