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Supporting the buyer’s journey

Buyers make purchases in specific steps from awareness, to information gathering, to comparison shopping, to purchase, to post-purchase. Marketing supports sales and establishes consistent communication by building content and email campaigns to accompany the buyer’s journey.

Convincing versus attracting buyers

Front-end marketing focuses on attracting buyers to engage with your business or learn more. Next, enablement content helps to convince prospects that your product is better and provides more value than what your competitors offer. Specifically, enablement content explains how your product delivers the value your prospects are looking for.

Focus on information and comparison

Aligning with the buyer’s journey, marketing communication focuses on the awareness and information gathering stages. A content marketing approach attracts prospects with social media, blogs, white papers, etc.

Sales enablement campaigns are further down the funnel, at the information gathering and comparison shopping stages of the buyer’s journey. Content that helps support sales enablement includes feature sheets, ROI reports, product comparisons, case studies, demo videos, and integration content.

Getting buy-in from your sales team

To ensure that sales enablement content is used by representatives, it’s vital to get their buy-in while the content is in development. Take time to review their communication process with them, and map out what kind of content is going to be genuinely useful through the buyer’s journey. Once you get buy-in on content, be sure that members of the sales team know where it’s located and how to use it.

Campaigns and enablement content

There are two sets of content to provide to your sales team: the first is campaigns, the second is assets. For lost sales opportunities, prospects can be placed into an automated email campaign to stay top-of-mind, or into a promotion campaign to try to close the sale. For won sales, prospects can be placed into an onboarding campaign, as well as retention and upselling campaigns.  As above, provide assets ranging from product comparisons to case studies that will help sales people close.

Email templates

Sales enablement email templates help you ensure that prospects receive a consistent message that maximizes sales. These can be used to support sales team communications with prospects.

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