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Focus on value

Asking for an additional sale may feel difficult, but some customers will respond to your upsell offer with another purchase. Email is a great way to consistently generate additional business. Effective upsell communication focuses on helping your customer on the journey they have already started with you.

For example, if a client purchased email automation training from Blueprint to learn how to develop email marketing campaigns, we could follow up with an upsell on landing pages that maximize the conversion to sale. This works well because it builds on the initial purchase and provides helpful added value.

Your upsell email

For best results, include the following components in your upsell email campaign:

Step 1 1

Start with a personalized greeting to communicate one-to-one with each individual.

Step 2 2

Show recently purchased items, so clients can see the smart choices they already made.

Step 3 3

Suggest new products that build on what they previously purchased.

Step 4 4

Ask clients to update their preferences on the types of items that interest them, so you can continue to refine your recommendations based on their desires.

Step 5 5

Make it easy for customers to contact you to voice a concern or ask a question. Show that it’s a two-way relationship.

Step 6 6

Include social sharing buttons to make it easy for clients to share your product offerings with friends or associates.

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