Generate more sales. Upsell, retain, and satisfy your clients. Email automation gets you there.

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Nurture Leads Into Sales With Email Automation

Your prospects are at different stages of the buying cycle. Some may be ready to purchase, while others are gathering information or comparison shopping – and not yet interested in speaking to a salesperson. Email automation lets you cultivate the relationship and build desire in preparation for your sales call.

Welcome, Upsell, and Retain More Clients to Maximize Results

Once you have made the sale, email automation can be used to onboard clients, then upsell, retain, and even re-engage lost clients. You maximize revenue with increased value per customer.

Certified Email Consultants

At Blueprint, we understand the power of email automation. That’s why we are certified in a range of platforms including both Pardot and Hubspot.





Using the Right Campaign

Blueprint drives results for your business by using a range of email campaigns. These are individually tailored to your products, your services and your industry to optimize lifetime revenue per client.

Lead nurturing campaignsLead nurturing campaigns

Lead nurturing campaigns

Ecommerce campaignsEcommerce campaigns

Ecommerce campaigns

Customers abandon 60-80% of shopping carts without completing their purchase. They view almost 80% of emailed receipts. These statistics point to the value of email for improving both initial sales and lifetime revenue per customer. Blueprint’s revenue-enhancing campaigns include:

Customer experience campaignsCustomer experience campaigns

Customer experience campaigns

You work hard to win new customers. That’s why it’s so important to treat your customers well, learn from them and recognize any signs of dissatisfaction. Blueprint’s relationship-building email campaigns include:

Retention campaignsRetention campaigns

Retention campaigns

Once your client is purchasing from you, make it easy for them to renew. Blueprint retention campaigns use a sequence of emails that are automatically sent to targeted customers to maximize both retention and revenue.

Sales conversion campaignsSales conversion campaigns

Sales conversion campaigns

When leads are sales ready, email automation can create a sense of urgency as it drives prospects to your sales pitch, producing consistent, predictable results. Campaign examples include:

Onboarding campaignsOnboarding campaigns

Onboarding campaigns

Selling a customer is just the start. To maximize adoption and lifetime revenue, it’s vital to help your customers succeed with your product. Providing positive reviews and supporting the customer experience with social proof can drive future sales. Onboarding email campaigns available from Blueprint include:

Upselling campaignsUpselling campaigns

Upselling campaigns

To maximize the lifetime revenue that a client spends with you, upselling is essential. Blueprint achieves this by developing repeat customer email campaigns for your business.

Re-engagement campaignsRe-engagement campaigns

Re-engagement campaigns

All companies lose customers. With the right efforts, you win back many of those you have lost – at lower cost than replacing them with new clients. A re-engagement email campaign from Blueprint can help you get there.

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