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Supporting the
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Customers abandon 60-80% of online shopping carts without completing their purchase. This means that you are closing only 20-40% of the clients who add your product to their cart. It also means that you can close more prospects with Blueprint’s Abandoned Cart follow-up email series.

Abandoned cart
emails work

Approximately 50% of abandoned cart emails are opened, and approximately 33% of clicks convert to sale. These high rates mean that abandoned cart emails can pay for themselves and more.

Offer a discount

While technical or personal interruptions may be the reason some prospects don’t buy, a large proportion abandon their cart on seeing a total cost higher than anticipated. Overcome this by offering a discount or special saving.

Combine offers

Offers don’t have to be used in isolation. Test combining offers, such as a discount and holding the product for a limited time in their cart. You can also make it easy for customers to get answers to their questions by including a phone number or instant chat for support.

Reminder emails

Prospects who have added an item to their cart are warm leads. Some may not have intended to abandon your cart at all: they may have been interrupted by a technical glitch, or a personal priority. Saving the cart and emailing it to them with a link to complete their purchase is possible with Blueprint’s help. It’s a simple, effective technique for getting warm leads back on the path to purchase.

Reserved for a
limited time

Create scarcity and a sense of urgency by letting your customer know that you have held their item and pricing for them – but only for a limited time. Blueprint can show you how to make it work.

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