Cold lead nurturing email series –
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Nurturing new leads

Many new leads are simply not ready to speak to a sales person. This is where cold lead nurturing plays an important role. Prospects buy when they want what you’re selling and believe that it provides good value and feel comfortable in their relationship with you. Blueprint’s lead nurturing system guides your leads to sales readiness.

Answering your prospect’s questions

At every step of the buyer’s journey, prospects are asking questions. They need good answers in order to feel comfortable as they move from information gathering to comparison shopping to purchase. Blueprint’s Cold Lead Nurturing campaigns get results by listening to their needs and providing information that answers their questions at each step along the way.

Personalized Communication

Because your relationship with prospects is key to the buying process, marketing communication should feel like it’s one-to-one and personal. Content should answer their questions directly, with responses matching your prospect’s needs and emotional drivers. Effective content helps to solve their problems, and lays the foundation for closing the sale and developing a long-term relationship.

Provide Value

Since the majority of new leads are not sales ready, nurturing typically does not focus on immediate sales. Instead, it concentrates on providing value to your prospects, so they feel more comfortable doing business with you. This is your opportunity to educate and establish top-of-mind awareness of your brand, so that when prospects are ready to make a purchase decision, they choose you.

Cold lead nurturing support and implementation

At Blueprint, we work with you to understand the emotional drivers of your audience and the questions they are asking at different steps in their journey. Then, we map out your email campaign and illustrate what message to communicate in each email and landing page. Next, we write, design, code, and set up your campaign in your email marketing platform, such as Pardot or Hubspot.

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