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Multiple reasons to build drip campaigns

Drip email campaigns can be used for products with a long sales cycle, as well as upselling, cross-selling, onboarding, retention and other customer loyalty programs.

Use multiple channels for best results

Email marketing campaigns need not function entirely on their own. Blueprint recommends augmenting drip email campaigns along with additional channels for the best results. Combine SMS text messages, direct mail, and phone calls with drip emails for the best result.

Make leads sales ready

The leading purpose of drip campaigns is to make leads sales ready, so they are prepared to speak to a sales person. If you are selling higher priced products and services, a drip campaign is ideal. You can progressively deliver the right information at the right step in the buyer’s journey.

Understand the emotional drivers

The best way to get started with developing a drip email campaign is by understanding the emotional drivers of your audience. You want to know what their desires, fears and frustrations are, so you can understand what’s important to them. Then, develop valuable content that answers the questions in their mind, so they are better prepared to speak to someone and buy.

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