Event Closing Deals Email Series – Maximize sales at and after your event

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Provide a
time-limited offer

The first step in closing more sales at an event and afterward is to start the sales process at the event. Even when purchases can’t be made on the spot, you can get prospects started on the path to purchase. Free trials and promotions, such as a discount or a bonus, are great ways to get the ball rolling.

Make it simple

If you have a multi-step purchase or set-up process, help your prospects with this at the event. For example, use a tablet to set-up an account or profile that will be needed at the time of purchase. The more you simplify the buying process, the more you will sell.

Simplify the paperwork

Perhaps you have a more complex product or service that requires negotiations, proposals and pricing options. When that’s the case, provide a spot to sit and discuss things. Have price sheets or other material on hand, and help your prospect with selecting options and completing the paperwork.

Make purchasing online easy

If your product can be purchased online, help visitors make the purchase while they’re at your event, or use email to provide a link directly to the product or service of interest. That way, they don’t have to spend time searching for – and possibly not finding – what they want.

Set up targeted email follow-ups

Some prospects simply want information and don’t have time to talk. Have a tablet on hand to capture their contact information, and place them in an email campaign designed to educate and nurture prospects. When prospects are further along in decision-making, place them in an email sequence that establishes credibility with case studies and other helpful content. If your prospect has already purchased, place them in an onboarding sequence to ensure successful retention and relationship-building.

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