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Driving to the Next Step in Your Funnel

Once you have generated a lead using a free giveaway such as an ebook, it’s important to follow-up and drive your lead to the next step in your funnel. For some businesses, the objective may be to drive them in-store. For others, it may be to make an initial purchase or simply nurture the lead.

Foundation sequenceFoundation sequence

Foundation sequence

The foundation follow-up sequence allows the prospect to download your lead magnet, via either a thank you page or an auto-reply email. The advantage of using auto-reply email for the download is that you can ensure that your prospect has provided a valid email address.

Drip sequenceDrip sequence

Drip sequence

If your lead is completely cold, a drip sequence provides a powerful way to educate prospects, while building a relationship with them – creating an increasingly sales ready prospect.

Sales letter sequenceSales letter sequence

Sales letter sequence

For selling prospects a low price product, you can make the offer on your thank you page, then use email to follow-up with the offer.

Survey sequenceSurvey sequence

Survey sequence

Once you have generated the lead, the thank you page can be used as a survey to learn more about your prospect and place them in the right follow-up sequence.

Video series sequenceVideo series sequence

Video series sequence

When your prospect has opted in to learn something, video can be integrated into your follow-up sequence. This provides an immediate start to the bonding process. You can use a single video, or introduce prospects to a multi-video sequence to be accessed by email.

Pressure stacking sequencePressure stacking sequence

Pressure stacking sequence

If your prospect has opted in for a coupon or sales offer, you can layer additional offers by email to create a sense of urgency and entice your prospect to buy in the short term.

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