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Building a relationship with your clients

You invest significant time, effort, and money into acquiring clients, so building long-lasting relationships is a business imperative. To retain clients, providing valuable content is important but not enough: you also need to focus on relationship building. Let Blueprint show you how to use email automation to generate meaningful engagement with your audience, and demonstrate that they are valued.

Establish goals

Before building out a milestone campaign, establish your marketing objectives for the program. Goals to consider include increasing engagement, loyalty, traffic, purchases, or retention. You may want to re-engage with inactive clients, remind them about your products, or let them know about new updates now available.

How to capture milestone information

You may not yet have all of your clients’ milestone information. To capture the data needed, set up web forms where clients or sales representatives can enter the details.

Establish your milestones

Once you have your marketing goals in place, identify the client milestones that are relevant and manageable for your business. These might include anniversaries, birthdays, revenue benchmarks, completed installations, event participation, etc.

Connect marketing goals with milestones

At this point you have a clear understanding of your marketing goals and the milestones that you want to focus on. Now you can determine which emails will include specific marketing calls to action to achieve your goals.

Email timing

Your emails will be communicating marketing promotions in concert with the client’s milestone. Therefore, for best results these emails should be scheduled together with planned marketing promotions such as special offers or events.

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