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Welcome new subscribers

A blog is vital to your success online. It allows you to create value for your audience, rank for more keywords, and can even be used as landing pages for your email drip campaigns. It takes a lot of work to build your blog every month and acquire new subscribers. Let Blueprint show you how to use automated Welcome emails to maximize the return on your blog investment.

Show your subscribers some love

Building your blog following is so important to your business. Email provides a powerful way to show your tribe some love. When prospects subscribe, it’s time to thank them and show your appreciation.

Educate subscribers

Once prospects are subscribing to your blog, educate them on what to expect from you, your business, and your blog, so they know what to look out for. This is your chance to prepare your prospects with positive, accurate expectations that will improve open and click-through rates on emails to come.

Reminder sequence

Who isn’t familiar with signing up for something, then completely forgetting about it as time goes by? This is a fact of blog life – and it’s where reminder emails enter the picture. Take the time to remind your subscribers about why they opted into your blog. You can highlight “best of” content, or preview upcoming features and new announcements to look out for in future.


In additional to providing value to your clients and educating them, use email to communicate new offers, promotions, and events.

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