Get the most out of Pardot with the right email implementation and marketing campaigns.

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Get more out of Pardot

Pardot is a powerful system for automating your email marketing and prioritizing the way you manage and contact your leads. Through Pardot, you can not only set up effective email campaigns, but you can also generate more sales from your leads by using the right campaigns.

Certified Pardot Consultants

As certified Pardot consultants, Blueprint understands how to build the right email marketing campaigns for your business, products and industry. We enable you to get the most out of your Pardot investment, while properly integrating with Salesforce.



Maximize your return on Pardot and your marketing spend

We’re experienced in both Pardot and email marketing, ensuring that you maximize both your return on Pardot and on your marketing spend. We achieve this by converting more leads into sales, helping you onboard your clients, and by implementing upselling and retention campaigns that increase your lifetime revenue per client.

Proper set-up of Pardot and campaigns that get results

Blueprint partners with you to map out your email marketing campaigns and consult on which campaigns can get you the results you are looking for. We then support you in developing and implementing of your campaigns in Pardot, including copywriting, design, setting up your email templates and creating landing pages.

The right campaigns make the difference

To get the most out of Pardot while accelerating your business growth, there are 7 stages to focus on for driving real results through email marketing.

Lead nurturing campaignsLead nurturing campaigns

Stage 1: Lead nurturing campaigns

The first stage of email automation is lead nurturing – using campaigns to prepare leads that are early in the decision-making process. Blueprint supports campaigns including:

Sales conversion campaignsSales conversion campaigns

Stage 2A: Sales conversion campaigns

Leads that are ready to speak to a sales person or receive a sales pitch are placed into a sales conversion campaign. These campaigns create a sense of urgency, while providing consistent and predictable sales results. To achieve this, Blueprint campaigns include:

Ecommerce campaignsEcommerce campaigns

Stage 2B: Ecommerce campaigns

On average, customers abandon 75% of ecommerce shopping carts without completing their purchase, while they view almost 80% of email receipts. This demonstrates opportunities for email automation to play an important role in improving both sales and lifetime revenue per customer. At Blueprint, we use the following email marketing campaigns to maximize revenue:

Onboarding campaignsOnboarding campaigns

Stage 3 – Onboarding campaigns

Once you’ve made the sale, you want to maximize adoption of your product as well as lifetime revenue per client. Helping customers succeed in using your product, and obtaining social proof via positive reviews, will drive future sales. Blueprint achieves this with the following email campaigns:

Customer experience campaignsCustomer experience campaigns

Stage 4: Customer experience campaigns

Winning a new customer takes time and effort. To treat your customers well, achieve their loyalty and uncover any signs of dissatisfaction, it’s vital to learn and improve. Blueprint designs email campaigns that promote positive experiences:

Upselling campaignsUpselling campaigns

Stage 5: Upselling campaigns

To maximize the lifetime revenue that a client spends with you, upselling is essential. Blueprint achieves this by developing repeat purchase email series campaigns for your business.

Retention campaignsRetention campaigns

Stage 6: Retention campaigns

Once your client purchases from you, make it easy for them to buy again and again. Blueprint develops retention campaigns using a sequence of emails sent automatically to customers, maximizing both retention and revenue.

Re-engagement campaignsRe-engagement campaigns

Stage 7: Re-engagement campaigns

All companies lose customers, but you can win many of them back when you put the effort in. Blueprint uses re-engagement email series campaigns to achieve this.

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