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Three phases of the launch

There are three phases to launching a product through email:

  1. The pre-prelaunch sequence
  2. The prelaunch sequence
  3. The launch sequence

Pre-prelaunch sequence

The pre-prelaunch sequence generates excitement and anticipation for your product launch. This phase lets your audience know that you will be launching a new product and to look out for it. Your goal is to generate interest and uncover pent-up demand.

Prelaunch sequence

The prelaunch sequence should provide exceptional content and value for free. You want to exceed the expectations of your audience, so they feel amazed at what you have given them for free. This creates a sense of reciprocity – doing something for you in return.

Launch sequence

The launch email sequence builds on your prelaunch sequence, but now there’s an exchange for money. For example, if the prelaunch sequence taught prospects how email marketing campaigns work and provided an in-depth plan, your actual launch could provide in-depth knowledge of how all of the vital email marketing campaigns work. The key is that your free content has to be so good that prospects feel very comfortable spending money to buy your products because they want to continue their journey with you.

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