Promotion Drip Email Series – Drive prospects to take action and buy

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Move prospects to take action

Once you have generated a lead, if it’s a cold lead your first step is to bond with the prospect. Over time, as the lead is warmed by your email marketing campaign, you want to drive them to take action and buy. This is where Blueprint recommends promotion campaigns.

Use the right offer

Various kinds of promotions can be used after bonding with your prospects. Some can be for a time-limited discount offer, while others can simply be a high value entry-level offer to entice your prospect to make a first purchase with you.

Integrate drip campaigns

Since many prospects are not yet ready to buy, you want to use drip campaigns in between offers. This allows you to continue building your relationship with prospects, nurturing them to sales readiness.

Integrate offers into your drip campaigns

Try adding offers to the landing pages used for nurture content. These offers can drive prospects further down the funnel to make a purchase, or show that they are ready for a sales person to call.

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