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Sales letters or salespeople?

Once you are generating leads, you have three options to convert your leads into sales. The first option is to nurture your leads and have salespeople call on qualified, sales ready prospects. The second is to drive qualified prospects to a sales letter or an ecommerce site. The third is to use a combination of salespeople and sales letters or ecommerce sites. The best choice depends on your business and resources.

Types of sales letters

A sales letter can take many forms. It can be plain text, video, video animation, etc. The first thing you want to do is to test your actual sales letter copy. Next, test different mediums, such as video using a sales script. You want to find the sales letter that provides the best possible conversion results.

The sales letter email series

While it’s great to have a sales letter to convert leads into sales, email plays a vital role in driving prospects to your sales story. It’s not just a matter of sending one email; a series of emails will maximize the volume of people that see your sales pitch.

Pre-launching your sales letter

Before sending your prospects to your sales letter, provide value to your audience. This establishes your credibility and a good understanding of how much value you can bring to the table. By providing pre-launch value, prospects will be more inclined to spend money with you, and to see how much further you can take them on their journey.

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