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Ensuring client success

Onboarding clients after they purchase your product is a must. It builds your relationship with them, helps customers feel that they are part of a community of like-minded people, and gives them a sense of support. For effective onboarding, Blueprint recommends a series of three emails: a welcome email, followed by a community email, then a support email.

Welcome email

The first step in the welcome email is to thank your client for their purchase and welcome them to your community. Then, communicate your value proposition, so customers are clear on what your product will do for them. Next, offer some quick and simple wins on how to use your product. Last, let them know what to expect next, so they look out for your next email.

Community email

The community email shows clients that other people just like them are using the product successfully and getting results. This encourages your client to succeed with your product because they are not alone. It also provides additional tips that get them excited about using your product, while giving them some quick wins and confidence.

Support email

At this point, clients should be comfortable using your product, but some may need assistance. Provide a phone number and other contact information for support, so customers feel comfortable reaching out if they need help. Again, provide additional tips to reinforce their confidence with some quick wins.

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