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The power of the webinar

Webinars can be a powerful way to drive prospects to a sales pitch and convert them into sales. They can be live events or completely automated. The automated webinar offers the advantages of a standardized pitch and anywhere/anytime access for your prospects. On the other hand, the live webinar lets you engage with your audience in real time, with the opportunity for questions and answers.

Webinar sequences

There are three key sequences for a webinar email series. First is an invitation sequence; second, a reminder sequence; and third, a follow-up sequence.

Webinar reminder sequence

Once prospects sign up to attend your webinar, send a sequence of reminder emails to maximize the number of people who show up. This can make the difference between average attendance and exceptional results.

Webinar invitation sequence

Email plays a vital role in driving prospects to your webinar. By sending a sequence of invitation emails, you can maximize the volume of qualified visitors who sign up for your webinar.

Webinar follow-up sequence

Businesses often invest considerable time and effort to attract webinar visitors. For maximum benefit from your webinar, create and implement a standardized follow-up campaign as well. Blueprint can show you how to use this powerful tool for achieving strong, predictable webinar results.

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