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Peak interest

Of all the emails you send to your audience, the welcome email gets one of the highest open rates because your clients are at peak interest. It’s a great opportunity to connect with your audience using an auto-responder email for simplicity and consistency.

Don’t stop at just
one email

We typically recommend sending 4 to 6 emails as part of your welcome series. We recommend more than one email because it takes multiple emails to build a relationship and trust with your prospects. What’s more, these emails act as a bonding sequence that sets up a sales sequence to make a sale.

welcome emails

When your client makes a purchase, use your initial email to introduce yourself, welcome your client, and provide information to set up for success in using your product. Next, introduce your brand story, so you can bond with them. Ask how you can be of further assistance. You want to fully satisfy their needs and build a personal relationship with them. Then, let them know what to expect next.

Goals of a welcome
email series

Your welcome email content depends on the goals of your campaign. The two major types of welcome campaigns are:

  • Product buyer follow-up
  • Information follow-up

follow-up email

If your prospect has opted in to receive information, such as your blog or newsletter, start by welcoming them. Then, provide additional value to develop a relationship and credibility with your prospect. Provide high quality content and let your prospects know what to expect from you. This helps you build a relationship and creates an open loop for your next email.

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