11 Need to Have Lead Nurturing Campaigns

We have discussed before just how powerful and beneficial a tool lead nurturing is for your business to engage with prospects throughout your sales funnel, but it is also a helpful tool for your marketing, sales and customer service teams as well. From connecting with a prospect during their awareness and discovery phase to nurturing them throughout their entire buyer journey, lead nurturing provides a valuable opportunity to build brand awareness and develop loyal, repeat customers.

For anyone that has begun to use lead nurturing and is hoping to drive more creative, engaging campaigns, we have a list of 11 must have lead nurturing drips for your business. As an internet marketing company, we have seen first-hand the success that these campaigns can bring to your conversion rates and bottom line.

Engagement Campaigns

#1 – The Welcome Campaign

Easy to automate, welcome emails are anticipated by prospects and have a high open rate. Brand new leads need to be approached differently than repeat customers and this can be done by turning your welcome email into a drip campaign. Use the email to introduce your business, products, and services in a casual, conversational tone. Remind them why they converted, confirm the details on what they opted into or purchased and include light content that will further build brand awareness and capture their interest.

#2 – The Bonding Campaign

A bonding campaign is used for engaging with leads that are not quite ready to make a purchase and the goal is to keep your business in their minds so that they do not search out competitors. This drip is an ongoing process that delivers engaging content such as blog posts, webinars, and relevant product or industry news.

#3 – The Re-Engagement Campaign

Not every lead completes your sales process and converts. The re-engagement campaign targets dormant leads with a mission to nudge them into taking the necessary steps to convert. Try sending an interesting blog post, interactive content or a relevant case study to peak their interest and guide them back into your sales funnel.

Educational Campaigns

#4 – The Differentiation Campaign

A differentiation campaign is designed to focus on differentiating your services or products from your competitors. The goal is to highlight the key features and advantages as well as create a sense of urgency by explaining the disadvantages of not using your product or service. Focus your content to align with your prospects needs and how your product can uniquely provide the best solution.

#5 – The Specific Product Campaign

When a lead starts searching for more product-focused content, it’s time to act and make sure that your business is providing them content and not your competitors. Use the specific product campaign to highlight how your product can address their needs, eliminate any pain points they are currently experiencing and the key features and benefits that they need to have. Customer testimonials, case studies, and white papers are perfect for this type of drip.

Conversion Campaigns

#6 – The Credibility Campaign

When a lead is nearing the end of your sales funnel, it is time to reiterate that your brand is the right choice. For a credibility campaign, send helpful press releases or popular, high-traffic content as part of the drip to showcase your business’s authority and expertise.

#7 – The Knock ‘Em off the Fence Campaign

Sending a perfectly timed promotion or special offer is sometimes just the incentive that a lead needs to make their purchasing decision. As the lead is about to enter the purchase stage of your sales funnel, offer special pricing or an upgrade based on their individual needs that will entice them to convert.

Retention Campaigns

#8 – Onboarding Campaign

Onboarding a new customer is always a very manual process that contains many touch points. With lead nurturing, you can automate many of your repetitive onboarding tasks such as frequently asked questions or introductory training resources which will help your new customer get started immediately instead of having to wait to be contacted by a customer service rep or account manager.

#9 – The Upsell Campaign

An upsell campaign is used to capitalize on your existing client base. By reaching out to your customers with incentives and relevant information to help them expand the list of services or products they are using from your business, will help you boost your revenue with very little effort. In an upsell campaign, always focus the message on the benefits that your business offers, not a cold sales pitch.

#10 – Renewal Campaign

A renewal campaign is a convenient way to gently remind your existing customers that it is almost time to renew their subscription or contracts. It is good to begin this drip about a month before their service expiration date and several reminder emails can be sent afterward if no response has been received. Renewal campaigns ensure that your customers remember their renewal date and save your resources from not having to have your customer service reps place reminder phone calls.

Enabling Campaigns

#11 – Sales Support Campaign

This campaign differs as it is designed for your internal staff. By providing your team with new, engaging marketing content you can better position them to successfully sell your product. In a sales support campaign, position your marketing tools as a valuable resource that will help them succeed. Include helpful content such as educational videos, data sheets, eBooks or even competitor comparison talking points.

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