5 Advanced Remarketing Techniques That Work

Remarketing is an incredibly helpful tool for experienced online marketers, especially when their websites receive a high volume of traffic. Also known as retargeting, this tool works when your website landing pages are set to give cookies to searchers. These visitors will then receive targeted ads that are based on their browsing and purchasing history which will follow them through a particular advertising network.

If you have been considering using remarketing or have been active with remarketing campaigns already, here are 5 advanced tactics that as an internet marketing company we have seen drive better results.

Split Up Campaigns

Not all of your website visitors are the same – so they shouldn’t be advertised to the same either. Segment your remarketing campaigns to directly address the needs and wants of different customer groups. This can be done by a number of ways which will assist you in determining how to nurture these leads, including:

  • How many pages a visitor views
  • What pages they view
  • How much time someone spends on your site
  • How often someone visits your site

Focus on Abandons

A visitor that went to particular landing pages and downloaded a resource or added an item to their shopping cart but did not complete the purchase is much more interested in your business than someone who just clicked on your homepage for a few seconds. Use remarketing to immediately remind these high potential leads about your product as soon as they have left your site to keep your brand fresh in their minds. Adjust your bidding strategy and spend to target these type of leads.

Offer Coupons

Have customers that continue to visit your website or view a product but never purchase? Offer a limited time discount or coupon to entice them into completing the sale. These customers are very high potential – they may have intended to complete the purchase but were distracted, were price shopping or needed to do more research and left your sales funnel.

By targeting with a promotional offer, you can begin to build brand loyalty and convert that visitor into a customer. A 25% off their first purchase is quite effective at converting someone who has already expressed interest.

Change Your Ad Message

If you have been using a remarketing campaign on a non-converting visitor and it is not working, change your message after a certain time period. For example, if you have been offering a 25% first-time buyers coupon for two weeks and former visitors are not converting, change the message. Offering free shipping or an automatic upgrade may resonate better. Change your ad image and call to action to keep it fresh.

Focus on Existing Customers

Remarketing isn’t just for new leads, it is effective for your existing customers as well. Tag your post conversion landing pages to remarket creative and clever campaigns that will keep your brand fresh in these new customers minds without being overwhelming. Some ideas that work well are:

  • Six months after a purchase, remarket with a discounted sale offer
  • For subscriptions that are about to end, remarket with an offer to renew and upgrade
  • Remarket with a customer loyalty discount

As with any other marketing medium, it is essential to test and tweak. Monitor your views and conversions to see what areas may need to be optimized for better results, such as:

  • CTA
  • Bid Budget
  • Images
  • Ad Copy
  • Campaign Landing Pages

Ad testing helps you maximize your ROI on your advertising spend and helps you bring in more profit for your business. To learn more about online advertising, click here to download our free internet marketing eBook.