9 Steps to Developing Your Online Marketing Key Messaging – Part Three

This is Part Three of a series. If you missed Part One or Two, you can view those here: Part One | Part Two

As an internet marketing company, in this series we’re looking at nine steps you can ask to develop your online marketing key messaging. Eight of these steps are actually questions, the answers to which will help you in developing your brand messaging. In Part Two, we finished off at number five. Let’s conclude by looking at the final four questions.

Question 6: What are the top five to ten advantages you have (or can create) over your competition, tangible or intangible?

This is where you determine what sets you apart from the competition. For example, for an internet marketing company, benefits could include being skilled in all areas of internet marketing (SEO, PPC, social media, website development, and email marketing), integrating all areas to provide a single solution, and leading our clients through a step-by-step process to meet their online marketing goals.

Question 7: What are five things everyone should look for in a product or service like yours?

Answering this question not only provides some great benefits to mention while marketing your product, but also allows you to ensure that your product or service offers value to your prospects. For an internet marketing company, a few things we believe are important to look for include an understanding of both traffic and conversion, a company that leads clients through every step, and a personalized approach that uses the appropriate strategies and technologies for the client’s business.

Question 8: What are some metaphors or similes that analyze or illustrate what having your product or service in their lives is like?

These can be great material to use for copy that compels your prospects to take action. For example, as an internet marketing company, we might say that our service is like driving a perfectly tuned race car, or like being on a competitive team that plays the game the right way and wants to win. People respond well to having benefits presented in this way, as it makes your business and product or service more relatable.

Final Step – Combine all of your answers to the eight questions and explain in one sentence why you alone can solve these problems for your prospects in a unique and compelling way.

An example for an internet marketing company might be: The <insert product name> is an online training program that provides entrepreneurs with the most in-depth internet marketing knowledge to rapidly grow their business quickly and effectively by understanding the five key areas that drive business results: traffic generation, website development, automated email marketing, content development, and reporting.

Take some time to fully answer all of the previous questions, and developing your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and your online marketing campaign will be much easier. This allows you to position yourself in your market, set yourself apart from competition, and appeal to your prospects in a unique and meaningful way.

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