An Email Marketing Machine That Works So You Don’t Have To

Despite so many advances in new marketing and sales technologies, email is still one of the best ways to communicate with your audience.

For some marketers, developing an email campaign strategy can be a daunting task. They know emailing customers will get them more sales but they can’t form a cohesive strategy in their minds.

If you fall into this category of internet marketers, we’re going to walk you through a 5-stage email marketing model that will help you get more customers and make more sales.

Step 1: Introduce Yourself

When someone new signs up for your email list, the first thing you should do is thank them for signing up and welcoming them to your community.

That first email is also an opportunity to explain to these new community members what you do and how you’ll communicate with them. When you write this email, think about answering these questions:

  • What does your company do?
  • Why is it different than others?
  • How many emails should they expect from you?

Step 2: Engage Your Audience

Engaging your audience through email is what will get them to make a purchase.

While not every email will result in a purchase by every customer, it will help keep your company top of mind for your audience.

To best engage your audience, segment your email list by actions taken by your leads. For example, has a lead downloaded a free resource off your website? Email them to ask if they have any questions and present a new resource they can either download for free or pay for.

When you segment by actual actions, your emails suddenly become much more relevant to your audience.

Step 3: Get Them to Buy More

Ascension marketing is a fantastic model to follow when you’re trying to get your customers to buy more.

To do this, you should follow up an engagement series with emails that include a free or discounted offer. In that same email, you’ll also include an offer for a full upgrade to the next level of product or service.

For example, if you know a segment of customers purchases from you frequently, you might entice them with 25% off their purchase of one unit or one subscription. Farther down the email, you will say something along the lines of “or you can solve all your problems with this fully-loaded solution.”

Step 4: Learn More About Your Audience

We’ve briefly touched on segmentation here but let’s take it one step further.

Segmentation can go beyond you trying to interpret heaps of data. In fact, it’s as easy as having your subscribers segment themselves.

Here’s how it works. Send out an engagement email with a couple different click-through options. If your audience is interested, they’ll click on the more interesting link to them and segment themselves, allowing you to follow up accordingly.

You aren’t limited to clicks. Opening a message or opting into a new list is another way to gauge interest and segment your database. If you want more ways to segment your database, you could also create a landing page and add tracker pixels to each option.

Step 5: Reengage Your Audience

Some marketers become complacent when subscribers stop opening their emails. This can be bad for a couple of reasons: 1) you’re leaving money on the table and 2) you could be signaling to email systems that your messages are spam.

First, let’s tackle leaving money on the table. Your problem is that subscribers aren’t opening your emails. If so, you need to take a look at the subject lines you’re writing. Are the catchy? Have you included a special offer or the subscriber’s name?

Second, you don’t want to be marked as spam. The risk you run of not reengaging your database is if too many become idle in your system, that can signal to email systems that your messages are spam.

Now You’re an Email Marketing Machine!

Using these five steps, you’ll be able to effectively market to your database and make more sales. Your database will be fully engaged with your company, making it easier to turn them into repeat customers. To find out how you can get more leads and sales, get a free internet marketing analysis today.