Get More Out of Your Copy

Having quality content like articles and blog posts on your website is essential to drawing people to your site and getting them interested in what your company has to offer.  But if you analyze the ratings of your articles, you may have noticed that some score better than others.  Even if your online content seems high-quality to you, there are specific types of copy that tend to score better.

Below you’ll learn more about a simple structure you can use to create compelling, convincing copy that will keep users reading to the end, from an internet marketing company.

Focus on a Single Idea

One of the best things you can do to improve an article’s rating is to simplify it.  That means you need to focus on a single idea that will be incredibly useful to your audience and that will increase their success.  In a nutshell, articles that focus on several topics will never score as well as those with a clear, powerful, and singular focus.

In addition to focusing on only one idea, you should also focus on a single core emotion and a single useful benefit your product or service can provide.  While it may seem like a good idea to focus on all the benefits of a specific product or service, in reality you want to emphasize the most useful benefit.  By discussing too many, you’ll dilute the power of your message.

Focus on the most valuable thing your product or service can do for your prospect. 

Don’t Start With the Product

Many less experienced copywriters start an article by immediately describing the product.  While this makes sense logically, it does nothing to persuade a prospect to try out your product or service.

When you begin an article or blog post by talking directly about the product or service you’re trying to sell, you run a huge risk of boring your reader and having them jump ship.  If you begin with a description of your product’s features, not only will the product sound extremely dull, but it won’t stand out from similar products your competitors offer. 

Perhaps most importantly, if your product is the first thing you mention, your reader will immediately think that your priority is to sell them something rather than provide them with useful advice or information.  By first offering them something of value in the form of a useful article, and briefly mentioning the specific product at the end, you’ll do a better job of convincing the reader that your product can benefit them.

Selling Success

What you’re really selling when you write copy is a promise of success: a simple idea that will help the reader improve their life in some way.  Rather than writing a lengthy treatise on how your program or product works and how it came to be, appeal to your reader’s desires, fears, and passions.  How will it help them or their business?  What desires will it satisfy?  What fears will it allay?  Avoid talking about the product details as much as possible.  Instead focus on exactly how it will benefit the reader and make them more successful. 

By simplifying your copywriting, you’ll not only make things easier on yourself but you’ll see more success and attract more clients.  To find out more about how to create effective copy, contact Blueprint Internet Marketing at 1.888.533.4886 or