How to Get Google to Give Your Content a Thumbs Up (Part Two)

In part one, we talked about how to put “content is king” into action for your website. In this post, as an Internet marketing company, we are going to expand upon what you need to do to achieve some Google love.

Stepping Up Your Content a Notch
If you’ve started to implement the eight steps we covered in the first post, then you’re able to take on another series of steps that are certain to make your content even more impressive, both to your readers and the major search engines.

Do you implement quality control?
Since Google does value quality, you want to try to make sure that nothing negative slips by you. When you have lots of time to prepare your written content, then you’re more likely to ensure that you’re following all of the guidelines. On the other hand, if you’re rushed, then you may have a tendency to let a few things slide. This is poor quality control and you want to try to maximize the quality of the content that you’re publishing.

Are you providing insight to both sides of the story?
It is easy to fall into the trap of making your content sound more like a sales letter when it was meant to be a post or an article. You have to make sure your content doesn’t always appear as being one sided. There are times where you need to provide all of the information as it relates to both sides of the topic.

Is your topic the right one for your Website?
It’s hard not to get caught up in a new trend or buzz word and start churning out content on this. Remember to stay true to your brand. Write content that is directly related to what your site is about. By doing this, you will build your credibility as an authority, provided you implement all of the other points we have covered and will cover about good content.

Are you involved in mass production content?
You may be tempted to take your content and have it mass produced across a number of different sites. This only serves to weaken your content and it quickly loses its uniqueness.

Does your work show that you care?
Your content has to show that you put a lot of care and thought into it and it wasn’t written hastily just so you could get it live. If you want your readers to care about what you have to say, you need to set the example.

Are you getting your facts straight?
If you’re providing any kind of data that an individual may act on, such as health related information, you must be absolutely sure that the information you’re providing is factual and can be trusted.

Are you building your credibility?
Your content must constantly portray you as an authority on the topic and be consistent in doing this so you will be recognized as such whenever your name appears.

Are you staying on topic?
You know that a catchy title is important, but just as important is that your content delivers what your title has promised. You content has to stay on track as to what it is about and be complete as well as informative.

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