Proven Email Marketing Upsell Strategies

What do an appliance warranty, a vehicle maintenance package, and an invitation to try a new kind of burger at the drive-thru have in common?  All of them are examples of upselling, or getting a customer to buy more by offering them something that will make them even more satisfied with their purchase. 

While we encounter many examples of upselling in daily life, one of the best places to upsell is online through the use of email marketing.  Below you’ll learn some of our internet marketing company favorite strategies for email upselling so you can maximize your clients’ experiences while cashing in.

Advantages of Email Marketing

One of the best things about upselling using email marketing is that you know your client or customer is interested in your company.  Since they opted in to your email list by clicking on something enticing or purchasing a product or service they needed, you already have a relationship in some sense. 

Upselling with Subtlety

Although you have a connection with the consumer, you’ll still want to avoid being overbearing about upselling.  When you upsell via email, you urge a consumer who has already interacted with your content or made a purchase to take a second action.  Once someone has bought something, the opportunity to upsell is upon you.  Buyers are more likely to buy an additional product they need soon after the first one, especially if it will enhance their experience of the initial product.  If you can offer the next step during or after the time when they’re making a purchase, they’ll be more likely to bite.

As soon as someone buys something from your website, send them an email about a product that can improve on their purchase or make their lives easier.

Understanding Cross-Selling

Cross-selling happens when you let a consumer who has already purchased something from you know about other products that are similar to what they already purchased.  Since they already believe in your brand enough to buy from you, it’s only natural that they would be open to other products or services that could even better meet their needs.

Getting Started with Email Marketing

One of the best ways to ensure a successful email marketing campaign is to review the smart data your website has collected on your customer.  Notice what your customers purchased, clicked on, or liked so you can have a better understanding of what they’re looking for.  Then offer them products or upgrades that are tailored to them.

Connect with Consumers

If you already have a lot on your plate, you may be wondering how to find time to cater your upselling and cross-selling strategies to individual consumers.  This is where automation comes in.  By trying out automated emails for a few products, you’ll determine which products are most successful. 

One thing to remember is that even an automated email should make a personal connection with your customer, so you don’t want it to sound automated.  If your business is relatively small, making a personal connection with each customer you cross-sell or upsell to is one of the best things you can do. 

Rather than using an impersonal, generic email, send a personalized email from a specific employee.  Check in with the customer about their purchase, let them know that they can connect with you if they have any issues, and mention some of your favorite and most useful new products or services that they could benefit from.  Offer a coupon or discount to show your appreciation for their previous purchase.

Time Your Emails Effectively

As soon as a customer purchases a product, you should email them with an upsell offer.  Consumers are more likely to purchase an upgrade if they’ve just purchased something they are happy with. 

Cross-selling emails can work well at many different times.  Giving the customer time to use the product before offering a related one can be a fine strategy.

Finally, when you send any cross-selling or upselling email, make sure to tell the consumer what they need to do by providing a clear call to action.  Always provide a link for them to click.

If you use these tips consistently, they’re sure to improve your upselling and cross-selling track record.  If you’d like to know more about these types of strategies, contact Blueprint Internet Marketing at 1.888.533.4886 or