The Right Marketing Process and Use of SlideShare Can Save You Time and Increase Lead Volume

As a digital marketing agency, we always say that your written content is one of your most powerful resources for lead generation. And you can make it work to an even greater extent when you present your content visually through video and even slide presentations.

The process for uploading your slides to sites like SlideShare is quick, easy, and cost effective. As a matter of fact, we integrate Slideshare in to our overall SEO strategy. Before we jump into Slideshare, let’s take a quick look at how you can distribute your content efficiently through multiple channels.

As business owners and marketers, we simple don’t have the time to produce content for multiple channels and several mediums such as a blog post, social media posts, slides, video, and audio. But, this is a very powerful way to get noticed by Google and other search engines to rank well, while driving traffic to your website from multiple channels. And you can do this very efficiently.

What you want to do is to start with the development of a simple audio that can be repurposed for a podcast on iTunes. All you need to produce the audio is an introduction that outlines the name of the podcast, why it’s important to your audience, and what will be covered in your podcast. Then it’s a matter of having key talking points to deliver on your big promise and a strong close that asks your prospect to do something specific at the end of the audio, such as visit a specific Web address where they will get instant access to an eBook that provides exceptional value on a specific topic. Typically, the audio will take you 20 minutes to one hour depending on how long you would like the podcast to be.

You also want to create an alternative intro and ending that can be used for a video as well. By creating this audio, you have created the material that can be repurposed through multiple channels. As a matter of fact, this single audio can be used to develop your blog posts, podcast, social media posts, video, and slides for a presentation.

As long as you have a strong support team or Internet marketing company to work with, you can have all of this produced for you on a weekly basis. And it only takes 20 to 60 minutes of your time! We have some clients that produce all of their content for the entire month in a single day simply by producing four audios – one to be used for each week.

Now, let’s take a look at how you can integrate Slideshare into your traffic and lead generation mix. What a lot of people don’t realize is that Slideshare gets over 60 million visitors on a monthly basis. With so many visitors per month, you shouldn’t have any difficulty finding a relevant audience.

What’s vital to keep in mind is that your first slide acts as your headline. In a lot of our content, we talk about the importance of the headline to pull your reader in to your content. The same applies to Slideshare. Your first slide acts as your headline just as it would for an ad or landing page.

From an SEO perspective, to ensure that your presentation slides get found in Slideshare, you also want to include your keywords in your title and descriptions tags. We always talk about the importance of treating all marketing channels like funnels where you want to drive prospects to the next step in your marketing campaign from being a visitor to a lead. Slideshare understands this and they enable you to embed an opt in form right in to your presentation. A great way to use the opt in form is to provide something of value for free at the end of your presentation that they get instant access to by completing the form. And if you decide to use the paid version of Slideshare, you can get some really useful information from their analytics section.

If you have any questions regarding the content development process or Slideshare, please comment. We’d be happy to help.