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To develop a digital marketing campaign that gets exceptional results, it’s vital to understand the emotional drivers of your audience, develop compelling offers that relate to their desires, then implement a campaign that maximizes both traffic and conversion. To achieve this, we implement a 8-Step Marketing Strategy Acceleration Process. Let’s take a look at each step.

Define objectives

1. Define objectives

We start by reviewing your marketing objectives to understand both your traffic generation and conversion needs. We understand that some clients only need help getting more Website visitors cost-effectively, while others need help converting more of their visitors into leads and sales. At Blueprint, we can help you with both if needed.
Select channels

2. Select channels

The next step is to select the right digital marketing channels for your business. Some channels work well for certain businesses and products, while others are not as efficient or effective. We select the channels that will drive results efficiently, so you can get the most out of every marketing dollar.

Map Out Campaign

3. Map out

Once we have an understanding of your objectives and have selected your digital marketing channels to drive traffic, we map out your campaign to show you what landing pages we would use and what your automated followup email marketing campaign will look like if needed.
Uncover emotional drivers

4. Uncover
emotional drivers

Prospects walk through a very specific decision making process when making a purchase decision. If you answer the questions that they are asking in the proper sequence, your campaign can perform exceptionally well. At Blueprint, to answer these questions, we uncover the emotional drivers of your target audience, then develop content for your campaign to answer these questions during every step of your marketing campaign.

Establish offers

5. Establish

Using the right offers that speak to the desires and needs of your audience is vital. Once we have outlined the emotional drivers of your audience, we develop offers that solve specific problems that they have and incorporate these offers into your marketing campaign to generate leads.
Campaign implementation

6. Campaign

We develop every component of your campaign from the initial research, to writing the content for your campaign, to design and code that works responsively on any device ranging from desktop to tablet and mobile.

Campaign reporting

7. Campaign

No digital marketing campaign should be left alone once it implemented. That’s why we provide reporting on your digital marketing campaign to show you how each step in your campaign is performing and what should be optimized.
Campaign optimization

8. Campaign

By understanding how your campaign is performing, we outline the steps in your campaign that can be further optimized and split tested to improve performance. This allows us to continually drive down your cost per click, cost per lead, and cost per sale over time, maximizing the return on your marketing spend without spending more on advertising.

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