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Would you like to drive immediate visitors to your Website to generate revenue in a short period of time? Are you looking to improve an existing campaign to generate better results? To get the most out of your PPC campaign, it’s vital for four key areas of your campaign to be developed and implemented correctly. Let’s take a look at each.

1. Keyword Selection

As a consumer yourself, you understand the process you work through when making a purchasing decision. The information a prospective customer searches for, changes through that progression and so too should your keywords. We take the time to understand where you want to target your prospects in their decision-making process, and select the right keywords to achieve the best possible result for your campaign.

We also understand that to drive real business growth, you need to get as many visitors to your Website as possible. That’s why we not only focus on the main keywords that you want to rank for but also enable your site to rank for a longer list of relevant keywords – driving more traffic.

2. Set-Up of Ad Groups

Ad groups – which is a selection and grouping of the keywords we identified for you in step one – will have a tremendous impact on the success of your PPC campaign. We’ll structure your ad groups so that only the most relevant ads are presented to your prospects, maximizing the number of people clicking through to your website, increasing the efficacy of your campaign, and saving you money.

3. Compelling Ads

Compelling ads mean compelling content: attention-grabbing headlines; powerful descriptions that will set your business apart from your competitors; offers and calls-to-action that prospects won’t be able to resist. Not only will we set up your campaign, but we’ll develop ads that produce the results you’re looking for. And we don’t stop there – we’ll test multiple ads on an ongoing basis, improving results month after month.

4. Landing Page Development

A landing page is where prospective clients arrive after clicking on an ad. We’ll develop a landing page that will bring prospects one step closer to becoming leads, by convincing visitors to request that free consultation, sign up for that newsletter, or download that must-have resource.

A PPC campaign can be a sound investment, or a complete waste of money. A Blueprint PPC strategy will make sure your PPC campaign delivers the results you’re looking for.

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