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Managing an effective PPC campaign is all about setting up the campaign properly, then optimizing it on a monthly basis to improve its efficiency and effectiveness. Whether you have an existing campaign or you are looking to launch a new one, to get the most out of your advertising budget, two things have to be executed very well. First, it’s vital to drive visitors to your landing page or Website at the lowest cost possible. Second, it’s critical to convert them into leads at the highest conversion rate to lower your cost per lead, while generating the best possible lead volume. To achieve this, we implement a 7 step process.

ppc youtube adsppc youtube ads

1. Selecting the Right PPC Channel

The first step is to select the right PPC channels for your business. If you have an existing campaign in place, we will review your existing channels. If you are setting up a new PPC campaign, the main options include Google Adwords, Bing, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and remarketing. Let’s take a look at each channel.


With an 80% market share, Adwords influences an enormous volume of daily search traffic. Blueprint identifies the right keywords, ad copy and competitive bid pricing to instantly give your business visibility to the most qualified users actively seeking your product. We get your ads the best exposure and in front of the right buyers, rapidly increasing your sales.


Bing Ads target the approximate 20% of users that do not use Google. Because their traffic is different, your campaign strategy needs to be as well. Blueprint understands the unique angle of Bing advertising and can execute a campaign that will be highly effective with Bing’s audience.


Differing from intent-based platforms like Adwords or Bing, Facebook advertising targets users that are higher in the sales funnel. If your campaign is designed right, these ads can be incredibly effective. Blueprint goes far beyond basic targeting options like gender, age or interest and instead, builds custom audiences based on which users are most profitable to your business.


A community with more than 800 million active users, YouTube is one of the most powerful marketing tools available today. YouTube users are not actively searching – they are already engaged and watching. Blueprint leverages YouTube’s ability to target your most valuable audience at the right place and time.


A rapidly growing platform, Instagram offers a variety of PPC ads that visually resonate with your audience and drive traffic to your website. Blueprint will select the right ad type and develop the ideal creative to maximize clicks from targeted users, while attracting buyers ready to become your customers.


The ideal platform for B2B marketing, Blueprint can ensure your ads are targeting the major decision makers within your market. By designing ads that clearly showcase how your business can solve their professional pain points, we maximize lead volume and minimize your cost per lead.


Only a percentage of website traffic will take the desired action that you want on their first visit because they are not sales ready. This is where remarketing comes in. Blueprint develops remarketing campaigns that keep your products or services top of mind with your visitors, ensuring that when they are ready to purchase they come back to your business and not a competitor.

PPC TargetingPPC Targeting

2. PPC Targeting

Once we have selected the right channels for your business, we determine the best way to target your audience. Each advertising channel provides different targeting options. For example, Google Adwords allows you to target by geographic location and by keywords in their search network. Facebook and Instagram allow you to target by age, gender, and interests. YouTube allows you to target by topics, while LinkedIn allows you to target by job title and more.

PPC Keyword SelectionPPC Keyword Selection

3. PPC Keyword Selection and Grouping

Once your targeting is determined, if we are running a Google Adwords or Bing campaign, we perform in-depth keyword research to ensure that the right keywords are used for your business. Our objective is to develop a list of keywords that have buyer intent to maximize the volume of visitors that will convert into a lead. Once your keywords are selected, we then group them into ad groups, so that they can be set up properly in Google Adwords or Bing.

PPC Ad DevelopmentPPC Ad Development

4. PPC Ad Development

At Blueprint, our focus is to develop ads that are not only highly compelling to maximize click volume to your Website, but we also like to create ads that look as great as they perform. Whether your campaign needs text, banners, responsive, or remarketing ads, we have you covered.

PPC Landing Page DevelopmentPPC Landing Page Development

5. PPC Landing Page Development

As part of our PPC management services, we also review and develop your landing pages. Your landing pages play a crucial role in maximizing your PPC results. By increasing your landing page conversion rate, you can accelerate your lead volume without spending more money on advertising. It is for this reason that we take the time to set up your landing pages properly with the right offers to maximize your lead volume, while driving down your cost per lead.

PPC ReportsPPC Reports

6. PPC Reports

Once your PPC campaigns are set up, we then develop easy to understand reports for your PPC campaigns, so that we can see where there is opportunity to improve results. Some of the metrics that we review include click volume, click through rate, cost per click, landing page conversion rate, cost per lead, and cost per sale.

PPC Split TestingPPC Split Testing

7. PPC Split Testing and Optimization

To get the most out of your PPC budget, monthly optimization and split testing of your ads and landing pages is essential. We split test your ads to lower your cost per click and optimize your landing pages to lower your cost per lead. This translates into higher lead volume and sales for your business without spending more money on advertising.

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