Boost ROI with Funnel Based Retargeting

Wouldn’t your job as a marketer be so much easier if visitors to your website converted on the first visit? That’s the dream for sales and marketing professionals alike, but unfortunately, this is almost never the case. Plus, where’s the fun in your work if you can convert people that easily?

Today, more than ever, people take a long time to make decisions about a purchase, especially when it comes to B2B purchases which have long out buying processes. Retargeting as part of your PPC budget is an effective way to keep new arrivals into the top of your sales funnel and drive them down to the bottom of the funnel. This involves targeting ads towards people who have already visited your website and repurposing materials to help them make a decision about your product. 

While retargeting is an effective way to keep your brand top of mind for potential sales leads, it’s efficacy improves when paired with specific stages in your sales funnel. Carefully crafting ad copy around your prospect’s mindset increases the likelihood a prospect thinks you understand their problems and drives them closer to making a purchase with you. 

Sales Funnel Phases – A Recap

For the most part, each business has the same definition for each stage of their sales funnel but might have a different name. These are the sales stages we’ll discuss for the purpose of this article:

Brand awareness, or first-touch, is the first stage of any sales funnel. At this point, a person has visited your website and has, therefore, become aware of you, but you have no way to track him because they haven’t provided their name or email. Dropping a cookie on each visitor at this stage can help with your retargeting efforts.

A visitor converting to a lead in your CRM system is the next stage of the funnel. When a visitor becomes interested enough in your company, they will download a free resource like a case study. To capture their information, you’ll want to set up a gated form so the visitor must provide at least their name and email which will be entered into your CRM.

Upon learning more about your company, your lead enters the final stage of the funnel when they are seriously considering your company’s product. Normally, the lead signing up for a free trial or demo is what signals entering this stage. At this point, they become a viable sales opportunity.

Harness Sales Funnels for Retargeting

The underlying logic for matching retargeting campaigns to the sales funnel stages is so you don’t chase prospects away by sending them the wrong messaging. For example, someone who’s already downloaded a resource from you will find general awareness messaging boring and outright annoying. By developing the right copy for each prospect’s state of mind, you’ll grow prospects’ trust in your brand while pushing them towards a final sale.

In the awareness stage, you want your visitors to remember you until they’re ready to download a free source. Using cookies, you can target general messaging about your company on other websites they visit. You want to make visitors understand your value proposition.

Right before and during the lead stage, you can use trackers on your website to tell where a prospect has spent most of his time. Using this data, you can craft specific and relevant copy for each customer. For example, if your lead is spending a lot of time on your blog, send an offer for free resources like eBooks and whitepapers.

Once a prospect has converted to the last stage of the funnel and you have this information, you can more easily cater content to him like industry news and specific offers based on company size.

Optimizing Pipeline Marketing

Remarketing is a powerful tool when you’re trying to fill the top of your funnel with as many prospects as you can. It’s even more powerful when you use it across every stage in your funnel.

When applied correctly, you’ll notice you’re getting better-quality sales opportunities, plus your marketing efforts will become more efficient overall. To learn more about how you can drive efficient, high volume traffic to your website, click here to download our free PPC eBook.