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Get Additional Website Visitors

Once you have a strong search marketing campaign in place, display advertising is a great way to drive additional Website visitors to your site. There are different types of ads that can be used for display advertising ranging from responsive ads, to banners, text ads, and remarketing ads.

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Optimizing Performance

Digital ads are served based on a system of behavioural targeting, as display networks try to match user behaviour with advertisements. At Blueprint, we don’t leave your advertising to an algorithm. We choose the right targeting to maximize click volume and the volume of prospects that convert into leads. We also test multiple mediums in display advertising to see what works best and adjust your ad spends to optimize performance over time.

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We Attract and Convert

Our detailed process is focused on research, analysis, and design to launch results-driven campaigns that achieve serious traffic and sales. We magnify the effectiveness of our display advertising by also remarketing, to target users that have already visited your website but have not made a purchase or opted in as a lead. By serving these users compelling ads for your brand, they are drawn back to your website with an incentive to opt in or buy.

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Start Amplifying Your Sales

Through careful planning and our industry expertise, Blueprint will help your business tap into a wide audience of qualified prospects, increase your brand awareness and cost-effectively amplify sales.

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