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Google Ads is one of the most popular PPC advertising platforms to drive visitors to your Website. A well-optimized campaign can be both cost-efficient and incredibly effective. As certified Google Adwords experts, Blueprint can launch strategic campaigns that will get your business instant traffic, resulting in increased sales and better conversion rates.


Google Adwords Management Process

Your Google Adwords campaign needs to be implemented properly to maximize your return on ad spend while minimizing wasted advertising dollars. To achieve this, we implement an in-depth 7-step process.

Keyword ResearchKeyword Research

Keyword Research

A sound Google Ads campaign starts with proper keyword research. We identify profit driving keywords that become the cornerstone of your Adwords campaigns. Our research uncovers keywords that have high search volume, buyer intent, and cost-effectiveness to maximize the volume of Website visitors, as well as sales.

Ad Group CreationAd Group Creation

Ad Group Creation

Once your keywords are selected, we properly create your ad groups by integrating your keywords, ad copy, and landing pages to minimize your cost per click, while maximizing your leads and sales volume.

Ad CopywritingAd Copywriting

Ad Copywriting

Copywriting plays a vital role in the success of the Google Ads campaign. We start by developing ads that are compelling but clear, so you don’t pay for unnecessary or untargeted clicks. In addition, we develop multiple ads, so that we can split test different headings, description copy and offers to determine which combination gets the best results.

Ad DesignAd Design

Ad Design

In addition to text ads, we create banner ads to be used on the display network, as well as for remarketing. Our banner ads include 4 essential features to drive clicks: simplicity, clean typography, compelling graphics, and powerful calls to action.

Split Testing AdsSplit Testing Ads

Split Testing Ads

Having multiple variations of ad copy is essential but knowing which ones perform best is critical. Just a small difference in a headline or description can make a massive impact on your click-through rate. At Blueprint, we continually split test Google Ads to understand what messages resonate best with your audience and how we can optimize to gain your business even more clicks and conversions.

Split Testing Landing PagesSplit Testing Landing Pages

Split Testing Landing Pages

When a user clicks on your ad, they need to see information that is relevant and specifically tailored to support your message. Blueprint creates compelling landing pages that speak to your audience’s needs and expectations. We routinely perform split testing on landing pages to continually optimize to generate the most leads possible for your business.

Every Adwords campaign we manage is thoroughly tracked with Webmaster tools and Analytics. We clearly define conversion goals and key performance indicators so that you know exactly how your PPC efforts are performing at all times.

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