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4 Google Ads Platforms to Maximize Visitors and Leads

Blueprint is a certified Google Ads partner and has the expert know-how to optimize, monitor and grow your campaigns for success. Our proven process identifies exactly who your business should target and what messages and platforms will resonate with them best.

We design and optimize Google Ads for where they will make the most impact for your business.

The four most effective forms of Google Ads are:

Search AdsSearch Ads

Search Ads

Ads that users see on top of a search engine result page after typing in a query are search ads. A major advantage of search ads is that they are visually very similar to organic results, so they blend into the search results. Another advantage of search ads is that your ads appear only when prospects are looking for what you have to offer, so there is little ad spend wastage.

Search ads are a perfect solution for business that do not yet have first-page organic search rankings. With Google Ads, your business can instantly be featured at the top of SERPs, gain massive exposure and instantly reach your target audience.

Display AdsDisplay Ads

Display Ads

The collection of millions of websites which agree to host display ads is referred to as the Google Display Network. Here, ads are shown to your target audience as they browse the Internet. Display ads can be more than just a banner, they can be images, text only or even video.

Display ads have a number of advantages, including that with expert design, eye-catching ads are attention grabbing. They are also the perfect way to build brand awareness as massive numbers of people are exposed to display ads daily, which generates interest in your products or services. Display ads can also be targeted differently than search ads, such as by topic and interest.

Video AdsVideo Ads

Video Ads

Video ads are exploding in popularity as sites like YouTube thrive. Typically, successful video ads are not ones that push a purchase but instead educate viewers. Humour and creativity are typically responded to very well in addition to content that naturally appeals to people watching, such as DIY or how to videos.

In-stream video ads are cost-effective and flexible, making them a valuable PPC opportunity for many businesses.

App AdsApp Ads

App Ads

Today’s fastest form of mobile advertising is in-app marketing. As people spend more and more time on smartphones and interacting with apps, it is a clever way to get in front of your target audience. Accessibility is a major advantage – your audience is already using the app and engaged, which significantly increases the likelihood of conversion.

If you want to maximize your online marketing spend and be on top of your competitors, trust Blueprint’s expertise for your Google Ads.

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