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An Easy Way to Get Started with Google Adwords

Google Adwords Express is a pay-per-click platform that’s a quicker way for businesses to get up and running in the PPC world. It reduces the massive learning curve that Adwords requires, as well as the many detailed and intricate campaign feature settings, which need expert knowledge in order to bid correctly.

ppc google expressppc google express

Using Google’s Automated System

Basically, it shifts much of the heavy work over to Google’s automated system. Keywords and bid amounts are recommended and multiple ads per Ad Group are not required. Business can still run multiple campaigns, with different target keywords and locations, making it a popular advertising choice for many small business owners.

ppc google expressppc google express

Ensure Set Up is Done Correctly for Best Results

While Adwords Express may be quick to launch, if not done correctly it can quickly waste money. If running full-blown Google Ad campaigns do not suit your business or budget, Blueprint can properly set-up and launch Googlel Adwords so that your clicks are qualified and turn into leads. We are certified Google Ad partners and know exactly how to select the best keywords to target your audience. Whether you want to increase sales or boost brand awareness, we ensure that your campaign is on the right track.

ppc google expressppc google express

Google Adwords Express benefits:

  • Quickly attract local customers to your website
  • Pay only for clicks, not impressions
  • Visibility of campaign effectiveness
  • Integration with Google Ads for easy reporting

Google Adwords Express can be an effective part of your business’s online advertising strategy. Let Blueprint ensure that this solution makes the most of your budget.

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