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In addition to advertising in Facebook, Instagram continues to grow in importance and drives qualified Website visitors that convert into leads and sales. Owned by Facebook, Instagram is a vital part of a sound PPC campaign. Below you will find the process that we go through to create Instagram campaigns that get results.

ppc ad management targettingppc ad management targetting


To create an effective Instagram PPC campaign, it starts with targeting. We select the right audience and interests to ensure that your ads, not only get efficient clicks, but convert to leads and sales at the highest possible rate.

Ad CreationAd Creation

Ad Creation

Your copy, images and offers impact results. We work with you to develop multiple ads using a combination of ad copy, images and offers to ensure that you get cost-effective Website visitors and sales.

ppc instagram ads optimizationppc instagram ads optimization


We maximize every dollar of your marketing budget. By continuously A/B testing your campaigns and optimization based on data insights, we gain a clear understanding of what demographics and types of advertisements work for your brand, delivering the best results.

Brand DevelopmentBrand Development

Brand Development

Along with our razor-targeted Instagram advertising campaigns, we ensure that your brand is positioned to maximize traffic and conversions. We leverage three areas to support our advertising strategy:


Keeping your branding consistent when connecting with your target audience. We optimizing everything from your business biography and cover photos to deliver a consistent message.


We manage your brand’s reputation and create content calendars to publish visually compelling content to engage your followers.


Blueprint partners with industry social media influencers to make your content go viral.

All of our Instagram campaigns are backed by a complete analysis and understanding of your goals and KPIs. Our clear, transparent reporting keeps you informed of exactly where your marketing dollars are being spent and exactly how many sales resulted from your Instagram campaigns.

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