LinkedIn Advertising to Target Specific Members of Your Audience

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B2B Marketing Through LinkedInB2B Marketing Through LinkedIn

B2B Marketing Through LinkedIn

When it comes to your unique business, some social networks will offer a better ROI than others. If your company is based on B2B sales, your online presence can significantly be boosted on Linkedin. As the world’s largest professional social platform, millions of users are active daily, searching for potential career opportunities, connecting with business partners and expanding their network. If your business needs to make an impression in the corporate market, Blueprint can execute a strategic Linkedin campaign that will make your brand successfully stand out.

ppc linkedin ads returnppc linkedin ads return

Maximizing Your Return on Ad Spend

While PPC advertising may seem simple on the outside, there are many complex layers that need to be understood in order to create effective campaigns. From increased bid competition to frequent policy changes from Linkedin, Blueprint’s expertise will deliver significant value for your marketing spend.

ppc linkedin ads 11 stepsppc linkedin ads 11 steps

A Proven 11-Step Linked In Process that Gets Results

To get the best possible results in LinkedIn, there are key steps that need to be implemented, including:


Analyzing your product offering and market to clearly identify your target audience composition to ensure that your audience is efficiently targeted.


Establishing a target cost-per-acquisition ensures that your PPC campaign will be set up cost-effectively and profitably.


In-depth keyword research ensures that your campaign goes after keywords that not only get clicks but also convert into sales.


Segmenting target keywords into efficient ad groups to ensure that the right ad text targets the correct audience.


Writing high-quality, professional ad copy that is tailored specifically to each ad group.


Designing targeted landing pages to maximize the conversion of Website visitors into leads and sales.


Implementing tracking tags to measure the effectiveness of your ads.


Using competitor research to set initial keyword bid prices.


Launching campaigns to drive Website to your Website.


Monitoring campaign progress and ongoing optimization to ensure ad copy and bidding are producing the best results.


Providing transparent monthly reports that clearly indicate campaign spend, performance and value.

ppc linkedin adsppc linkedin ads

Get in Front of the Right B2B Decision Makers

With Blueprint Linkedin PPC management, your business can be visible to the right people, your market expanded and your brand put at the forefront of decision makers minds.

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