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ppc remarketing cost effectiveppc remarketing cost effective

Generate Cost-Effective Leads and Sales

The best prospects to drive to your Website are those that have shown interest in what you have to offer. The reality is that many prospects who have visited your site in the past but have not converted into a lead or sale, simply were not sales ready. This is where remarketing comes in. Instead of discarding these prospects, you remarket to them in the future. Not only do a lot of the prospects convert into leads and sales, but they convert cost-effectively too.

ppc unique remarktingppc unique remarkting

Unique Remarketing Campaigns Tailored to Your Sales Cycle

At Blueprint, we develop remarketing campaigns that are tailored to your unique business and sales cycle. Our process targets the right customers at the right time, connecting with them when they are most likely to convert into a lead or buy.

3 step remarkting3 step remarkting

A 3-Step Remarketing Process that Gets Results

Our proven remarketing process includes the following three essential steps:


We design custom lists tailored to your target audience, allowing you to select exactly who you want your ads shown to.


We reach your audience no matter where they are through external, relevant Websites and social media pages that they engage with.


We generate more traffic for your marketing spend with high-performance campaigns that have a low cost per click.

ppc remarketing detailed reportingppc remarketing detailed reporting

Detailed Reporting

Our detailed and transparent reporting shows exactly how your ads are performing each month, where they are being displayed and how much you are spending per click. PPC remarketing is an indispensable tool for instantly increasing your sales.

ppc remarktingppc remarkting

Start Driving Cost-Effective Website Visitors

Blueprint makes sure that your products or services stay top of mind with your visitors, ensuring that when they are ready to purchase, they come back to your business and not a competitor.

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