The Importance of Landing Pages for Your PPC Advertising Campaign – Part Two

This is Part Two of a two-part post. If you missed Part One, you can view it here.

In Part One, we took a look at why it’s so important to use landing pages for your PPC advertising campaign, and how to structure these pages to maximize lead generation. However, as a PPC management company, we know that sometimes cost can get in the way. That’s why in this post, we show you how you can use your main website for PPC—so you can have a successful campaign even if you are trying to minimize costs for your business.

Using a Corporate Site for PPC

Now, if you are trying to minimize cost and would prefer to send prospects to your main site, there are ways to structure the site so it can be effective for your purposes. Instead of building a micro site, simply drive people to relevant pages of your site using relevant ads. This means that your prospects will end up on a page that’s relevant to the offer they saw, making them more likely to opt in for your offer.

Here’s an example of a corporate site that is used for PPC effectively, and the ad that links to it:

You can see that the ad that leads to the web page contains the same offer as the ad on the landing page. This maximizes relevancy and reinforces the offer in your prospects’ minds. The close message match produces a good conversion rate, even though the main site is being used as the landing page.

In our separate post on how to build advertisements for your PPC campaign <link>, we show you how to use your keyword list to build ads that show up in relevant search results, which also increases lead generation. The way to do this remains the same regardless of whether you are using a micro site or your main website.

As you can see, even if you’re trying to reduce cost, you can still build an extremely effective, straightforward PPC advertising campaign that gets results.

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