The Key Areas of Great Pay Per Click Advertising – Part One

If structured properly, a pay per click advertising campaign can be a great asset to your business. Not only can you advertise your products or services, but you are also able to specifically target audiences that are interested in relevant products or services or have seen your website before. As a PPC management company, in this post we go over the key areas of a great PPC campaign.

There are four key variables that impact the results of your PPC campaign:

  • Keywords
  • Ad Groups
  • Ads
  • Landing Pages

In this post, we’re focusing on ad groups. When working with Google AdWords, there are three levels to be aware of. Below is what they are and what they consist of:

  • Account
    • Unique email address and password
    • Billing information
    • Account preferences
  • Campaign
    • Start and end dates
    • Daily budget
    • Google Network preferences
    • Language and location targeting
  • Ad Group
    • One set of keywords and/or placements
    • One or more ads
    • CPC or CPM bids

Setting Up Ad Groups

To start off, it’s a good idea to stick with one keyword per ad group so that the ad that appears is completely relevant to the search term. You can choose more than one, but try to keep it as few as possible. For example, some ad groups for the main keyword Psychotherapy are shown below:

Setting up ad groups

By clicking the Therapist Toronto ad group, we can see that there’s only one keyword in the group at the bottom:

Setting up ad groups 2

Use the Correct Match Type

There are three match types we will talk about here, including:

  • Exact Match – for example [salesforce consultant]
  • Phrase Match – for example, “salesforce consultant”
  • Broad Match – relevant variations

So, what’s the difference, and how do you know which one to use?

Exact Match

We recommend starting out using exact match so you can test your keywords and avoid paying for unnecessary clicks. Choosing exact match means that the only time your advertisement will show is if someone searches for your exact keyword, for example, “salesforce consultant”. This can be a great strategy because you only pay for the exact keywords that you want, without wasting money on keywords which may not acquire as much traffic. However, you may not get enough traffic this way, and the costs may be too high to maintain. This is why phrase match is a good alternative to get more traffic.

In Part Two, we will go through the next two match types so you fully understand which one to pick, and when, to build a powerful pay per click advertising campaign. This allows your ads to appear at the right time to the right people. Join us at Part Two!

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