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SEO strategy that get results

If you’re looking to implement a sound SEO strategy to get your site ranking quickly, you want to focus on three key areas to do it right.

SEO strategy

Strategic planning

We often say to our clients that for SEO, you now have to think like a marketer to be successful. Gone are the days when you could develop a Website with poor quality content and backlinks.

Today, you have to understand your audience, including what drives them emotionally. You have to outline who your avatars are and clearly understand who you are communicating to. Why? Because it enables you to develop high quality content that appeals to them emotionally. As a matter of fact, we develop a key messaging document with our clients as one of the first steps when providing SEO Services because it’s so important to the success of an Internet marketing campaign.

By understanding who your target audience is and what drives them, we are then able to develop a list of keywords that, not only target the right audience, but have the right intent. And it enables us to develop content that gets shared and recognized by Google as good quality content, which is what it’s all about.

Not only should a list of avatars be established for your target audience, but a second list should be developed for the companies that you would like to link to you. Why? Because as the content is being written for your key prospects, you can also appeal to your secondary audience that you would like to link to you. For example, if you were talking about a specific subject on a blog post, you could mention a brand that you would like to link to you. By doing this, they will be more compelled to link to you.

You also want to put a content development strategy in place that maps out all of the pages that will be added to your Website over time and what keywords your blog posts can include as internal links. This ensures that your content development program systematically develops over time and stays on the right theme for your Website.

SEO strategy step 2

Local or national optimization

Understanding the geographic location of your target audience is vital when it comes to SEO because local SEO campaigns differ from national campaigns. You also want to develop an overall theme for your Website and subcategories, so there is some logic to your Website. This not only ensures that Google and other search engines understand what your Website is about and what keywords to rank you for, but you can also speak to the different audiences with the right message.

To determine the right structure and hierarchy for your Website, it’s a matter of performing keyword research to determine if there is adequate search volume, relevance, and intent. Then, the structure of your Website is developed, followed by a local or national SEO campaign to get your site ranked for your keywords.

SEO strategy
step 3

Link building and positive reviews

The complete focus of your on-going link building strategy should be on quality. This includes a high quality outreach program, the use of high quality link building channels, social media marketing, and a process to generate positive reviews to establish credibility with Google.

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