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As a business owner or marketer, it’s vital to rank on page one in Google and other search engines to drive visitors to your Website. But, how do you outrank your competitors? Blueprint has the answers.

How to win the ranking war

The key to winning the ranking war is to properly optimize your Website, develop high quality content, and a strong link-building program that shows that you are an authority in your market.

Doing things properly to achieve results

We consistently enable our clients to outrank their competitors by building a site properly from the ground up, including proper on-page optimization, fantastic content that demands attention and maximizes shares, as well as a monthly link-building program that creates a high volume and quality of links to show Google that you are an authority within your industry.

With the right SEO strategy, you rank for a larger list of keywords – driving more website visitors

A sound SEO strategy should not only enable you to outrank your competitors for your main keywords, but it should get you ranking for more keywords over time.

Rank Locally or Organically

Local SEOLocal SEO

Local SEO

Get ranked in the local listings in less time by establishing your business as the most credible in your market, while maximizing your positive reviews.
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Organic SEOOrganic SEO

Organic SEO

Get ranked in the organic search results in Google and other search engines for a long list of keywords to maximize traffic month after month.
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Rank Your Store or in Social Media

E-Commerce SEOE-Commerce SEO

E-Commerce SEO

To transform visitors into customers, your website needs to be trusted and deliver a fantastic shopping experience. We make sure your products are indexed and ranking, your sales funnel is optimized and that your site gets the necessary traffic it needs to drive sales-efficient code.
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Social SEOSocial SEO

Social SEO

Social media continues to play a vital role in driving high quality traffic, while engaging directly with your customers. We design dynamic social SEO campaigns that increase the number of people following and connecting with your business.
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See What It Will Take to Rank Higher

SEO AuditSEO Audit

SEO Audit

Get an in-depth eight-step audit for your business to uncover what needs to be fixed in your SEO campaign, as well as how to maximize your traffic by using the right keywords, linking building, content, and efficient code.
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SEO AnalysisSEO Analysis

SEO Analysis

Take advantage of our free SEO analysis to uncover why your Website is not ranking as well as it can, what your competitors are doing to outrank you, and what needs to be done to win the ranking war.
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Put a Proper Foundation in Place to Rank Higher

Website OptimizationWebsite Optimization

Website Optimization

The foundation of a strong SEO campaign that gets results is all about building your Website properly from the ground up. At Blueprint, we properly develop all of the vital components of your site from your keywords and page headings to your internal links and meta data.
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SEO Penalty RemovalSEO Penalty Removal

SEO Penalty Removal

Websites get penalized by the search engines if they are being linked to from sites that have a bad reputation. Our detailed backlink analysis reviews each of the sites that are linking to you to uncover where your penalty originated from. We then remove or disavow them to restore your rankings.
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Use the Right Keywords and Create Exceptional Content

Keyword ResearchKeyword Research

Keyword Research

The starting point of a strong SEO campaign is the keywords that each page of your Website is optimized for. We map out a complete keyword strategy to dominate rankings for keywords with high search volume while reviewing your competitors to uncover areas of opportunity to rank quickly.
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SEO Penalty RemovalSEO Penalty Removal

Content Creation

Google and other search engines value high quality content and regular publishing. That’s why we develop a complete content strategy to publish high quality content on both your site, as well as social media to position you as a thought leader in your industry.
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Fixing Technical Issues and Establishing Links, so Your Website Ranks as High as It Can

Technical SEOTechnical SEO

Technical SEO

To achieve the best ranking results, on-going technical optimization is critical. We ensure your website is properly crawled and indexed, site errors are removed and optimize everything from site architecture to page loading speed and everything in between.
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Natural Link BuildingNatural Link Building

Natural Link Building

We put in the necessary time to build links the right way for your Website by creating high quality content and reaching out to the right sites to link to you. Our strategy ensures that your backlinks withstand algorithm changes, providing high rankings that are stable.
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SEO Metrics & ReportingSEO Metrics & Reporting

SEO Metrics & Reporting

At Blueprint, we understand that it’s important for you to transparently see how your SEO campaign is performing. That’s why we provide reporting on a monthly basis that’s easy to understand that clearly outlines how your keywords are ranking, what pages are performing best, how your links are being established, if there are any technical issues that need to be resolved, what content needs to be created, and more.
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You don’t need to be an SEO expert to accelerate your rankings. You don’t need to keep abreast of changes in SEO approaches, or search engine policies to keep your rankings high.
At Blueprint, we do that for you.

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