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As a business owner or marketer, it’s vital to rank on page one in Google and other search engines to drive visitors to your Website, whether you want to rank nationally or locally. But, how do you outrank your competitors? Blueprint has the answers.

How to win the ranking war

The key to winning the ranking war is to properly optimize your Website from an SEO perspective, develop high quality content, and a strong link-building program that shows that you are an authority in your market. Today, it’s all about quality to win the ranking war. We’ve proven this through our own Website ranking and our clients time and time again.

Doing things properly to achieve results

We consistently enable our clients to outrank their competitors by building a site properly from the ground up, including proper on-page optimization, fantastic content that demands attention and maximizes shares, as well as a monthly link-building program that creates a high volume and quality of links to show Google that you are an authority within your industry.

Learn about our SEO strategy

SEO Strategy

Rank locally or organically

Local SEO

Get ranked in the local listings in less time by establishing your business as the most credible in your market, while maximizing your positive reviews.

Organic SEO

Get ranked in the organic search results in Google and other search engines for a long list of keywords to maximize traffic month after month.

See what it will take to rank higher

SEO Audit

Get an in-depth eight-step audit for your business to uncover what needs to be fixed in your SEO campaign, as well as how to maximize your traffic by using the right keywords, linking building, content, and efficient code.

SEO Analysis

Take advantage of our free SEO analysis to uncover why your Website is not ranking as well as it can, what your competitors are doing to outrank you, and what needs to be done to win the ranking war.

You don’t need to be an SEO expert to accelerate your rankings. You don’t need to keep abreast of changes in SEO approaches, or search engine policies to keep your rankings high. At Blueprint, we do that for you.

Experience why clients choose Blueprint for results, excellence, innovation, trust, value, and service.


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