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Keyword research provides the foundation for your SEO campaign

Keyword research is a vital step in the SEO process because is determines what keywords your site will rank for and how feasible it will be to acquire Website visitors. At Blueprint, we implement three key steps to ensure that you rank for the right keywords, while driving the highest volume of Website visitors possible.

Initial keyword list developmentInitial keyword list development

Initial keyword list development

We begin by reviewing the keywords that you would like to rank for. Specifically, we identify the keyword intent for each keyword to see if we will be attracting the right visitors for your products and offers. We then review the search volume for each keyword to determine if there is sufficient search volume for the keywords that you would like to go after.

Increasing keyword volumeIncreasing keyword volume

Increasing keyword volume

To drive a high volume of Website visitors to your Website, it’s a matter of ranking for a large list of keywords over time. It is for this reason that we expand on the initial list of keywords provided to us to ensure that you can drive sales volume.

Assessing the competitionAssessing the competition

Assessing the competition

A great way to uncover keywords to go after is by analyzing your competitors Websites. We take the time to review their meta data to understand all of their primary and secondary keywords.

Once we have an understanding of your competitors keywords, as well as your initial list of keywords that you want to rank for, we assess the feasibility of ranking for the keywords. Quite often we see companies try to rank for keywords that are too difficult to achieve in a reasonable timeframe. Instead, we look for opportunities to rank for a longer list of keywords with the right buyer intent that will allow you to drive qualified Website visitors to your site in a short period of time.

Establishing a short and long-term keyword planEstablishing a short and long-term keyword plan

Establishing a short and long-term keyword plan

It’s not just a matter of having a short-term plan. You want to establish a mid and long-term plan and list of keywords to go after for both your Website and for your blog if you have one. This will ensure that you increase the number of keywords you rank for over time, while increasing your volume of Website visitors on a monthly basis.

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