Local SEO gets
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Local SEO requires
proper execution to
outrank your competitors

If you’re looking to rank well locally, it can be achieved in
a relatively short period of time. Here are four steps to
achieve high-ranking success through local SEO.

Step 1
Use a local physical address

The first step to success is to have a physical address in or near the city that you want to rank well in. The bottom line is that Google and other search engines want to show users real local results. This means that if someone is searching for a pet store in New York, the results should show pet stores in New York, not pet stores in Chicago. This is the first thing that we look at to determine the probability of success for local SEO.

Step 2
Include your physical address on your website

Once we have confirmed your physical address, we work with you to develop a Web page on your Website that includes this address. If you have multiple locations for your business, we create separate Web pages for each location. This creates the foundation of your local SEO campaign. It shows Google two things. First, that you have a physical address in your specified city. Second, that you have a business and Website with that same address.

Step 3
Set up all business listings

There are various business listings in every country. At Blueprint, as part of our SEO services, we claim all of your business listings properly using consistent business information to show Google and other search engines that you are who you say you are.

By claiming your business listings, we are verifying your business name and location for you. The bottom line with local SEO is that if you can show the search engines, in as many ways possible, that you are who you say you are, they will be more likely to show your listing versus your competitors.

Step 4
Optimize listings

Once we have claimed your business listings for you, we take the time to develop each and every listing to ensure that your keywords are used correctly from a local SEO perspective.

Not only do you want to be found for your keywords, but you also want to be in the correct categories for your industry, which we complete for you.

We also optimize your listings to increase the number of people that click through to your Website to drive leads and sales. As with any Internet marketing campaign, you want to balance both SEO and strong content that demands response to maximize results. We understand this and focus on both areas when developing your local SEO campaign.

And we work with you to maximize the number of positive reviews that you get as a business, showing the search engines that you are highly reputable and should, therefore, be ranked very well.

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