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3 vital steps to rank for more keywords and maximize Website visitors

If you are looking to rank in the organic listings for a long list of keywords to drive increasingly more traffic to your site, three key steps have to be properly implemented.

1. Keyword research

The foundation of a strong SEO campaign is proper keyword research. Whether you are implementing a new campaign or are modifying an existing one, at Blueprint Internet Marketing, we perform in-depth keyword research to ensure that the right keywords are used on your site. The reason why this step is so important is because it provides the foundation for all future SEO efforts.

We not only look at the search volume and relevance for your keywords, but also perform an in-depth review of your competitors. This ensures that we will be going after the right keywords, while maximizing the probability of ranking well.

Next, we take your keywords and develop the keyword architecture for your site that uses the right structure from top to bottom, allowing us to create a site both short and long-term to drive the highest volume of Website visitors possible.

2. On-page optimization

To rank well in Google, it’s vital to optimize your site from a qualitative and natural perspective, while providing a good experience for prospects. Google aims to reward sites with high quality content and links that produce fresh, engaging content on a regular basis.

It’s for this reason that we focus on developing high quality content for your site, while coding the pages on your site to load quickly. We then continually produce fresh, news worthy content to grow your site over time, while functioning as link bait for future link-building.

As you can imagine, this takes time and dedication. This is also why Google awards this behavior. They want to see that the companies that work the hardest to provide a great user experience are rewarded.

3. Link building

In addition to producing quality content, it’s just as important to implement a good quality link-building campaign. Gone are the days when you can put your site in some directories and other low quality link building channels. Today, it’s about producing great quality content, then reaching out to sites to acquire links. To achieve this, we perform an analysis of the links that your competitors have, as well as a complete review of the broken links that exist. Next, we develop better quality content, so that sites are more inclined to link to you versus the competition. Once content is in place, we reach out to sites to link to you, acquiring high quality links on a monthly basis.

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