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If you’re trying to determine how well your Website it optimized or if your SEO strategy is going to get you results, then you’re going to get a lot out of our SEO Analysis services.

There are two key areas that we look at to ensure that you have a sound SEO strategy in place to achieve results. The first area is the on-page optimization of your Website and the second is the off-page optimization. Let’s take a look at each area of SEO analysis starting with the on-page optimization.

SEO analysis
on-page optimization

From an on-page perspective, we perform a 10-step on-page SEO analysis as part of your SEO services. Let’s take a look at each step.

Step 1
Keyword analysis

The foundation of any strong SEO campaign is the selection of the right keywords. It is for this reason that we begin by analyzing the keywords that your Website is optimized for. If changes are required to the keywords that your site is optimized for, we will make recommended changes to ensure that you are going after the right keywords for your business.

Step 2
Website hierarchy

Once we have confirmed the right keyword list for your business, we ensure that you have the right keyword hierarchy for your Website from your main keyword to your secondary keywords.

Step 3
Web page optimization

After confirming the structure of your Website, we review if your Website has separate Web pages that are properly optimized for each of your keywords.

Step 4
Keyword volume

After reviewing your Web pages, we determine if you have enough keywords and search volume to drive adequate traffic to your Website. Quite often, we see that a site is optimized for certain keywords, but the volume of keywords and the associated search volume are inadequate. As a result, the site does not rank well and fails to drive enough Website visitors even though the site is ranking relatively well.

Step 5
Internal linking

Once we review the pages of your Website, we then review the internal linking of your pages. It’s vital to properly link the pages within your Website to ensure that you share the page rank of your various pages, while making it easy for Google and users to navigate through your site.

Step 6
Production of
fresh content

At this point, we have a pretty good understanding of the structure of your Website. Next, we look at how often you are producing fresh content. Specifically, we review the volume of fresh content that is being produced on your Website as well as your blog. And we provide recommended changes to maximize results.

Step 7
Number of pages

Since you have to beat your competition to win the ranking war, we look at the number of pages on your Website versus your competitors. This is a good indication of how much content your site has versus your competitors and how well you are contributing to your market. Generally, the higher the volume of pages the better.

Step 8
Content review

Although your Web pages should be written from an SEO perspective, it’s also vital to have well written pages that will maximize the conversion of Website visitors into leads and sales. It is for this reason that we look at how well your pages are written from both an SEO and copywriting perspective.

From an SEO perspective, we check if your Web pages include your keywords in the right places including your URL; page titles; meta descriptions; H1 and H2 headings; body copy; internal links; and other key areas.

Step 9
Site map review

We then determine if you have a site map and how it’s constructed to ensure that your site can be easily crawled by Google and other search engines, while getting your Web pages indexed and ranking as fast as possible.

Step 10
Page loading speed review

Lastly, we check to see how fast your pages are loading, which Google and other search engines take into consideration when ranking your site.

SEO analysis

Once we have a good understanding of how your site is performing from an on-page optimization perspective, we then look at the off-page optimization of your site. Specifically, we look at the volume of links that are linking to your Website as well as the quality of those links. And we compare you to your competition.

The bottom line is that if you want to win the ranking war, you have to produce better quality content than them and acquire more high quality links. Through our analysis, we get a good understanding of the types of links that you have versus your competition and make recommended changes from a link-building perspective.

We then review your activity level in social media versus your competitors. More and more, the various search engines are taking social media into consideration when ranking Websites. It’s for this reason that we do a complete review of both your social media activity and your competitors.

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